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My Bio

In 2020 I relocated to Melbourne in Australia.  I’ve been providing a wide variety of services to UK clients since 1996 when Eclipse Hair & Beauty Specialists were established in Surrey, England, UK.

As a professional my main goal is to help clients look and feel their best. I’m committed to searching for the latest techniques and trends in the field to ensure that each service is high-quality and performed with the utmost care.

This could only have happened through education and I pride myself in continually to professionally develop my knowledge and skills.

By ensuring I deliver the best training for my team, my clientele and my private clients we have established a glowing reputation.

Clients range from stylists, barbers and apprentices to other professional salon owners, salon managers, session stylists and front of house.

Educational programs have been prepared and delivered to freelance professionals that range from home salons to mobile business owners.

All of our clients are unique and treated with the same care, respect and professionalism.

Get in touch with any questions about how we can help you today.

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